IIDS is a foundation founded with the aim of contributing to the improvement of local government and planning skills through education, the study and the work of excellent professionals that can help in carrying out studies directed to better understand the environment, government issues and, at the same time makes possible the implementation of respective projects for local and international organizations and those of the European Community and/or other organizations such as UNDP, USAID etc. In the achievement of the objectives laid down the foundation cooperates with other realities of international experience convinced that through the intersection of the experiences you can always create a greater added value. IIDS collaborates with non-governmental associations training agencies, local and international universities. In order to better fulfill its mission the foundation is placed in an intermediate position between, the adaptation of public bodies to prepare, draw up and enable significant projects of quality and substance and, counterparties composed by European donors and others, helping to make more feasible the financing and the activation of specific projects inherent to improve the environment of the government.

Institute for Integrated Development Studies